The notary Vilija Partaukienė established her notarial office by the order No 43 of Lithuanian attorney-general on February 10th, 2003. The notarial office was founded near the statue of Angel in Užupis in the city of Vilnius. The Angel of Užupis is surrounded by the rich aura. The goddess Themis is binding the notary and her assistants not only to work expertly but also to cherish spiritual treasures and to serve for people and their welfare.

          The notarial office serves the needs of the citizens of Lithuania and foreign countries. The clients can contact the notarial office in the folowing ways: by telephone, by e-mail or by making an appointment on-line.
Vilnius district 4th notary bureau.
Užupio st. 11, LT-01202 Vilnius
Tel. (8 5) 2608572
Fax. (8 5) 2608572